Dr. Gurpreet Bath

Dr. Bath has been the owner of Willowbrook Animal Hospital for over ten years. He works as a general practitioner at Willowbrook, but also is a veterinary physiotherapist. He is well known to the Langley area, and also owns Sunshine Equestrian Centre.

Dr. Jyoti Dhawan

Dr. Jyoti has a love for animals large and small, and it shows in her work as a general practitioner at Willowbrook Animal Hospital.

Practice Manager

Sarah Sale

Sarah keeps Willowbrook Animal Hospital running as efficiently as possible. Inspired by working closely with her team, she wants to pursue human medicine.


Connie Salvador

Connie has been with Dr Bath for over 10 years. She absolutely loves her job and it shows in her work and dedication to her job. She was a veterinarian in the Philippines, and is well known by our long time clients.

Kim Paar

Kim has worked in the veterinary industry for over 30 years , and is a very experienced technician and a wonderful addition to the Willowbrook team.

Iqbal Singh

Iqbal is a licensed veterinarian in India, and is working at Willowbrook Animal Hospital while he gets his licence to work as a veterinarian in BC.


Vivian Stephens

Meet Vivian! She is one of our younger staff members, and is looking to expand her training to become a veterinary technician.


If you come to the clinic on weekday nights, you may find Patricia and her lovely miniature poodle Molly.

Our Clinic Cats


Keesh has been Willowbrook Animal Hospitals furry mascot since he was a kitten. He is a lucky cat, as he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2017. He was treated at the clinic and now lives a happy life full of wet food and treats.


Willow is our newest addition to our clinic cat team. She was surrendered to the clinic after she was hit by a car. Dr. Bath found a shattered femur and had to make a difficult decision to either put her down, amputate the leg, or try to repair. Luckily, Dr. Bath has specialized training in orthopedics, and repaired it.

Now, you can barely tell, since she has the energy of a kitten, as she races around the clinic.

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